Weekly Programme

Court Reservations

Matches are played as scheduled on Saturdays and some Sundays in summer, and on Saturdays/Sundays in winter. The summer men’s veterans home matches are typically played at 6pm on a Monday evening. Please check the “Club Teams & Fixtures” page for details of scheduled home club matches. See the table below for details of regular weekly sessions.

Club Etiquette

Lyndhurst Tennis Club aims to be friendly and inclusive. Our facilities are there to be shared equally between all members. Apart from the Monday and Friday morning groups and club matches, (some of which use all 3 courts), other informal groups and coaching are obliged to release a court after completing the current set if members turn-up and wish to play. The only exception to this is evening coaching after sunset when the top court is not playable.

On the rare occasions when all 3 courts are occupied and further players are waiting there are a couple of existing club rules that apply:

  • Warming-up for a game should be limited to 5 minutes.
  • Play must be completed with a short-set (i.e. first to 6 games)

This reduces waiting time for other members and ensures fair rotation of play.