Group Sessions

There are opportunities to play in organised group sessions throughout the week. These sessions are a great way to get to know other Club members. There is usually a small fee to cover the cost of balls (and refreshments).

Monday & Friday mornings
Originally our over-50s section, this group is now open to any players willing to mix-in with the aim of ensuring sociable, competitive doubles. The group meets twice weekly in almost all weathers – just come along and join us! The Clubroom is open for coffee all morning, providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere both on and off the court. Play starts around 9:00am.

Monday afternoons – Improvers’ Practice
This session runs from 2 to 4pm and is open to everyone looking to improve their game. There is usually some informal coaching. The main format is doubles but sometimes there is a bit of singles too.

Tuesday morning – Team Practice
This 10:00am ‘Team Practice’ session is for members who aim to play match tennis for the Club. The emphasis is on competitive doubles and ‘match-craft’ with some focus on how players can complement each other’s game. The session usually involves some informal practice hitting, coaching and a series of short games. Anyone aspiring to play match tennis is welcome.

Tuesday evening – Club Night
This session offers an opportunity to play a series of short sets of tennis with other members and meet new faces. Club Night is oriented towards adults, but our more experienced juniors are welcome and all standards of players are encouraged to participate. The session runs between 5:30pm and 10pm, with most members turning up between 6pm and 8:30pm. The lower 2 courts can be floodlit. There is an automated e-mail sent every Monday evening, which includes the latest Met Office weather forecast, to the members who have asked to be added to the mail distribution list. Individuals then respond to everyone on the group email to say whether they are planning to attend and at what time.

Thursday morning
The Thursday morning session caters for players who enjoy a stronger and more competitive game … along with coffee and cakes! Play starts at 9:00am.

Thursday evening – Big Hitters
The Thursday evening ‘Big Hitters’ session has the aim of developing promising, young players (who like to hit the ball hard!) into competitive adult team players. Play starts at 6:30pm.

Sunday morning
The Sunday morning club mix-in offers another opportunity to play a series of short sets with other members. There is again an automated e-mail, with weather forecast, sent on Saturday morning to members on the mail distribution list. Individuals then respond to all to say whether they are planning to attend. The Sunday session runs from 10am to 12:30 and will always operate, subject to weather, unless there is a home club match (which we try to avoid scheduling in the summer).