Box League Fixture Planning for the period 8 March 2023 to 30 June 2023  
 Maggie Rose & Alan HalesSu Hall & Andrew CloughChristine Thomas & Chris MasonCatherine O'Mahony & David WestwoodSusan Kenny & Trevor SmithLisa Lane & John FidlerSally Wolfenden & Tim StevensonRos Bowles & Madeleine ParkerBrigitta Barna & Peter Jones Jill Trant & Jane MasonVivien Sheath & Gill EllisSue Jones & John Hillier
Sue Moss & Tony RoePlayedPlayedPlayedPlayedPlayedPlayedPlayed Played  Played
Maggie Rose & Alan Hales Played PlayedPlayedPlayed  PlayedPlayed Played
Su Hall & Andrew Clough  Played PlayedPlayed PlayedPlayed PlayedPlayed
Christine Thomas & Chris Mason   PlayedPlayed Played    Played
Catherine O'Mahony & David Westwood    Played Played Played  Played
Susan Kenny & Trevor Smith       PlayedPlayedPlayedPlayedPlayed
Lisa Lane & John Fidler         Played Played
Sally Wolfenden & Tim Stevenson       Played Played  
Ros Bowles & Madeleine Parker        Played  Played
Brigitta Barna & Peter Jones            Played
Jill Trant & Jane Mason           Played
Vivien Sheath & Gill Ellis           Played

** Only check Force Time if you are sure you have already booked the court, as this will override the check of available court time for the selected day.