Box League Fixture Planning for the period 1 May 2022 to 31 July 2022  
 Gill Ellis & Lisa LaneMadeleine Parker & Susan KennyBrigitta Barna & Tony RoeSue Jones & Andrew CloughSu Hall & Trevor SmithRos Bowles & Sally ClearyMaggie Rose & Graham CharlesworthKathleen Charlesworth & Sue MossKatie Arden-Jones & Mike Arden-JonesLouise Arden-Jones & Alan HalesVivien Sheath & Brian Van HoofJill Trant & Anna Boron
Christine Thomas & Tim StevensonPlayed Played Played PlayedPlayed    
Gill Ellis & Lisa Lane PlayedPlayedPlayed  Played  Played  
Madeleine Parker & Susan Kenny   Played PlayedPlayedPlayed   Played
Brigitta Barna & Tony Roe   PlayedPlayedPlayedPlayedPlayedPlayed   
Sue Jones & Andrew Clough    PlayedPlayedPlayedPlayed Played  
Su Hall & Trevor Smith      PlayedPlayed    
Ros Bowles & Sally Cleary            
Maggie Rose & Graham Charlesworth       Played Played  
Kathleen Charlesworth & Sue Moss         Played  
Katie Arden-Jones & Mike Arden-Jones            
Louise Arden-Jones & Alan Hales            
Vivien Sheath & Brian Van Hoof            

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