Box League Fixture Planning for the period 1 September 2021 to 30 November 2021  
 Kathleen Charlesworth & Alan HalesSue Moss & Catherine O'MahonySally Cleary & Peter Jones Clare Polack & Felix HarropSusan Kenny & Andrew CloughMadeleine Parker & Phil KellmanJill Trant & Chris MasonVivien Sheath & Tony RoeMaggie Rose & Tim StevensonChristine Thomas & Roger SimmensGill Ellis & Denise TaylorRos Bowles & Janet MartinSue Jones & Stevie ParkerJane Mason & Graham CharlesworthSu Hall & Luciano Filippi
Linda Young & Felix Harrop               
Kathleen Charlesworth & Alan Hales PlayedPlayed PlayedPlayedPlayed     Played Played
Sue Moss & Catherine O'Mahony    PlayedPlayedPlayedPlayed PlayedPlayed Played  
Sally Cleary & Peter Jones     Played Played Played   Played Played
Clare Polack & Felix Harrop        Played      
Susan Kenny & Andrew Clough           PlayedPlayedPlayedPlayed
Madeleine Parker & Phil Kellman      Played    Played   
Jill Trant & Chris Mason       Played    PlayedPlayed 
Vivien Sheath & Tony Roe        PlayedPlayed     
Maggie Rose & Tim Stevenson            PlayedPlayed 
Christine Thomas & Roger Simmens               
Gill Ellis & Denise Taylor            Played  
Ros Bowles & Janet Martin             Played 
Sue Jones & Stevie Parker             Played 
Jane Mason & Graham Charlesworth               

** Only check Force Time if you are sure you have already booked the court, as this will override the check of available court time for the selected day.