Box League Fixture Planning for the period 1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019  
 Catherine O'Mahony & Mike BowlesRos Bowles & Tony RoeLinda Young & Will McNamaraSue Jones & Jean Marc FigardMadeleine Wright & Bill FreerMaggie Rose & Alan HalesLuciano Filippi & Robert SalterSue Moss & Tim StevensonGill Ellis & Peter Jones Susan Hall & Andrew Clough
Jill Trant & James Trant Played Played   Played Played
Catherine O'Mahony & Mike Bowles   PlayedPlayedPlayed PlayedPlayedPlayed
Ros Bowles & Tony Roe     PlayedPlayedPlayedPlayedPlayed
Linda Young & Will McNamara     Played Played  
Sue Jones & Jean Marc Figard       Played Played
Madeleine Wright & Bill Freer          
Maggie Rose & Alan Hales       Played Played
Luciano Filippi & Robert Salter          
Sue Moss & Tim Stevenson        PlayedPlayed
Gill Ellis & Peter Jones           

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