Club Memorials Policy

As a private members’ club we rely on the voluntary work and goodwill of members to sustain the Club for the benefit of all current and future members. Over the years, various people who have made an exceptional contribution to the Club have been commemorated.

Following a review by the Committee in 2017, the Club adopted the following policy for memorials:

• Individuals who have made a truly exceptional contribution to the Club should continue to be commemorated in an appropriate manner.

• Honorary members have paid their membership subscriptions for 40 years and will likely have played a very full part in the life of the Club. When an honorary member passes on, a plaque will be placed in the pavilion (or clubroom, if considered appropriate by the Committee) after consultation with the next of kin, to serve to remind members of some of their predecessors who have kept the Club alive for us all to enjoy.

• The family of any departed member might wish to commemorate them by funding a similar plaque or a larger item for the benefit of the Club. The Committee should consider such proposals favourably, providing they fit in with the ‘ambience’ of the club environs, and may designate an ‘Absent Friends’ bench to which plaques could be fixed.

• Retrospective recognition is permissible when requested by family or friends. In such circumstances, 40 years membership should be equivalent to honorary membership.